Principle of cosmetology in Unani Medicine

The term cosmetology utilised to symbolize the science of practice of improving the skin, face, hairs and also nails. It could likewise be specified as a research of fine art of cosmetics as well as their usage. The word cosmetics suggests any kind of single material or compound product meant for regional application of exterior parts of human body or teeth and also mucosal membrane layer of oral cavity for the objective of improvement called as cosmetics. The word cosmeceutical was first created by Raymound Reed, a participant of U.S. society of aesthetic chemist. He used the term to take care of the materials having actually clinical based cosmetics home in 19th century. Further the term was popularized by Dr. Albert Kligman. Now-a-days this term is made use of for cosmetics has or confirmed as or planned to have clinical property (Saha, 2011). The science of cosmetology has been exercised since centuries. The desire as well as long for great look, gorgeous, enchanting, younger exist in people eyes with the beginning of society and also the human race. During that time just the organic things were made use of as cosmetics like henna, curcumin, sandal wood, lead etc. The understanding of these natural cosmetics was effectively put together in Unani medication. Unani is evidence based system of medication enriched in a number of aesthetic solutions utilised to improve the skin, face, hairs, eyes and nails. The boundless literature on all-natural cosmetics were mentioned in Unani classic literary works specifically in kitab al mansoori & 23rd quantity of al hawi by Al-Rhazi (850-950 CE), kamil al san't by Al-Majoosi (d. 994 CE), al-qanoon fi al tibb by Ibn Sina/ Avicenna (980-1030 CE), zakhira-e-khwarzamshahi by Al-Jurjani (d. 1135 CE), gana mana by (). At first the Unani cosmetics are described under the heading" Amraz-e-jild wa zohrawiya (Unani detmatology & veneralogy)" was a part of moalijaat (Unani medication). A fantastic focus has been given up amraz-e-jild wa zohrawiya by department of AYUSH since invaluable literature on all-natural cosmetics mentioned in it. The Unani cosmetics mostly based upon natural herbs and partially on mineral/metal or animal resources. Now it is upgraded and also described as amraz-e-jild was taziniyaat (Unani dermatology & cosmetics). Record of cosmetics: Cosmetics were used by both of the sexes because classical times. The precise day and also duration of origin of cosmetology could not be trace yet the earliest evidence of use of cosmetics was found in Misr (Egypt) in 4000BC. The word cosmetic was stemmed from an old Greek word "Kosmein" indicates design. The old Egyptians were used a substance prepared by lead, mercury, ashes etc. used for eye makeup without understanding about the toxicity of the substance. Back then female servants (cosmatae) ready cosmetics. They used eye cosmetics for improvement of appeal of eye as well to cure certain eye diseases named as kohl. Now-a-days the word kohl is utilised for a product of eye cosmetic readily available in market. Between East, the Persia as well as the Arab has additionally history of cosmetology. With the rise of Islam in the Arab, value of individual health and also use of fragrance gain the appeal. The very early cosmetologist was Al Zohrawi (936-1013 CE), the Arab physician created abundant medical encyclopedia in which 19th chapter based upon cosmetology. He explained cosmetology as a branch of medicine and the substance abuse to enhance the charm as Advia Muzayyenah. The procedure of important oil distillation was also given by the Arab medical professionals. The old Chinese additionally used to paint their finger nails. The illumination of colour of the paint stood for the standing of the person. The ancient Romans were utilized oil and animal fat for cosmetic purpose. They utilised to apply the oils or greasy metal over the hairs to keep design as well as shape of hairs. The earliest evidence of use of lipsticks was located in Japan. The Japanese Geisa utilized crushed petals of safflower over their lips as well as they likewise utilized it to preserve the shape or as outliner of eyebrows. In old Greece culture, Atropa belladonna is called ladies killer (Qasmi et alia, 2012). As it have atropine, a pupil dilator utilized as an eye drop making their eyes appealing and attractive. With the death of time desire of good appearance, eye-catching, younger than actual age develops new types of cosmetics. In the 20th century movies, tv, lifestyle ends up being the major cause of cosmetics popularity. In existing time also a number of cosmetics surgeries have actually remained in exercised. Description of cosmetics in Unani medication: In Unani timeless literary works several single medicines in addition to compound formulations of Unani cosmeceutical preparations were described in Arabic as well as Persian languages. These Unani cosmeceuticals were indicated for total decor of personality. These cosmeceutical prep works made use of not just for face, eyes, hairs, nails but additionally for abdomen, lower abdominal areas, womb, axilla, to agreement of vaginal canal, to lower breast dimension, to mask the scar, halitosis, extreme sweating etc. Several prep works were additionally suggested to cure a series of skin problems like acne, leucoderma, blemishes and also blackening of skin, moles as well as excrescences and so on . Types of Unani cosmeceuticals Several Unani cosmeceutical are explained in Unani classic literature. These can be extensively identified as adheres to: Kinds of Unani cosmeceutical on the basis of pharmacological actions: 1) Akkal (destructive)-- It has the keratolytic activity whereby it is handy in treatment of irregular growth of skin like protuberances, acne and so on. Several of instances of akkal are as choona (Lime), hartaal (Orpiment/ Arsenic trisulphide) and so on 2) Jazib (absorbing)-- It has absorbing home, used across the body to absorb sweat. Some instances of jazib are Jundbedaster (Castorium), tukhm-e-Panwad (Cassia tora) etc. 3) Jali (detergent)-- It possesses detergent task, used to clean the skin. These drugs have the capability of remove the pores of skin. A few of the e.g. are Aqarqarha (Anacyclus pyrethrum), Biladur (Semecarpus anacardium), Chadela (Parmelia perlata) etc. 4) Haliq (depilator/ hair cleaner)-- regional application of these substance abuse to removes the unnecessary hairs. E.g. are Hartaal (Arsenic trisulphide), Safeda (Zinc oxide), Choona (lime) etc. Noora is a Unani cosmeceutical dosage kind worsened by using of haliq as an active ingredient, made use of to remove the hairs. 5) Ghassal (abluent/ lave)-- These medicines possesses dead skin or debris peeling activity, used to cleanse the skin of face, hand and so on. A few of the e.g. are Asl-e-khalish (honey), aab-e-lemun (Citrus limon) etc. 6) Qabiz (astringent)-- Regional applications of these medications are locally raises the tone of skin. Some of e.g. are gil-e-multani (Earth of multaan/ Fuller's earth), gil-e-surkh (Red ochre) and so on 7) Qasir (peeler/ pole dancer)-- These medicines has effective cleaning agent activity. Made use of to get rid of the dead skin. A few of examples are kaf-e-darya (Cuttlefish bone), jangabeel (Zingiber officinale) etc. 8) Mane'y arq (antiperspirant)-- these medications acts upon gland of skin and lowers the sweat. Several of instances are jauzmasil (Datura stramonium), khanequl-kalb (Strychnos nuxvomica) etc. 9) Muhammir (rubefacient)-- the external application of these drugs creates inflammation of the skin. A few of instances are khardal (Brassica nigra), unsul (Allium cepa), qaranfal (Syzygium aromaticum) and so on 10) Murakkhi (emollient)-- neighborhood application these drugs having the soothing, relaxing impact on skin. These medicines have hydrating property. Some of instances are roghan badam (almond oil), roghan-e-kunjud (sesame oil), mom-e-zard (wax) etc. 11) Musaffi-e-dam (blood cleanser)-- these medicines are utilised to remove the pollutants from the blood. A few of examples are neem (Azadirachta indica), charaita (Swertia chirayita), unnab (Zizyphus jujuba) etc. 12) Muqawwi-e-dandan was lasa (gum & teeth tonic)-- local application of these drugs in the oral cavity provides stamina and tone. They additionally utilised to cleanse the tooth as well as gums. Several of instances are shib-e-yamani (alum) post-e-anar (Punica granatum) and so on 13) Muqawwi-e-khoon (haematinic)-- these medicines are made use of to boosts the hemoglobin material in blood. Some of examples are khubsul hadeed (iron rust), anar (Punica granatum) etc . Sorts of Unani cosmeceuticals on the basis of bodily state of dosage kind 1) Solid cosmeceuticals: This includes ghaza, ghalliya, noora, kohal, kajal etc. 2) Semisolid cosmeceuticals: This consists of zimad, tila etc. 3) Fluid cosmeceuticals: ghusool, pa shoya and also ro shoya and so on . Sorts of Unani cosmeceutical on the basis of website of application: 1) Body treatment cosmeceutical: Several body treatment cosmeceutical actions are stated in classic literary works of Unani medication, e.g. noora (hair eliminator), mane'y arq (anti-perspirant), tila (liniment). The emollient is utilized in broken lips, hand as well as feet. 2) Face treatment cosmeceutical: This includes ghaza (face powder), ghalliya (Fragrance powder), ubtana, roshoya (face wash) and also ghusool (clean) etc. 3) Eye care cosmeceutical: This consists of surma, kohal, kajal, anjan, mascara, neela anjan etc. 4) Hair care cosmeceutical: This includes roghan, sabagh, khizab, henna paste application, ghusool-e-sha'r.

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